Code of Conduct



We are a group of like minded people running for a common purpose.


Fun, Enjoyment, supportive and Inclusive Environment.


We have a collective responsibility to help each other.

Together for safety. inspiration, routine and friendship.


We are a running club rather than a 'learn to run club'.

Basic level - 10 minute mile pace (6 mph)


Be mindful of of others.

Not too fast &not too slow, Different strokes for different folks.


Remember your running etiquette.

Overtaking giving plenty room, not leaving ohers behind and looping.

Respecting others for different running clubs during races.


Support the session leader

we don't get lost, we simply discover new routes.If you see the group getting stretched then instigate a loop, session leader will be concerned with the route.

Anyone who does not live up to those high standards will be spoken too and in the worse case could be expelled from the club.

Shenley Striders Running Club

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